Type H

type H
3-pass flame tube boiler with seamless flame tubes that can be fitted with the burner of your choice

  • Available capacity range from 290 to 9304 kW
  • Useful output of 91 to 95% of the calorific value depending on the load
  • Suitable for gas, fuel oil, extra heavy fuel oil, biogas, etc.
  • Standard operating pressure 2 bar. Available with higher operating pressure of 4/6/8 bar on request


Specially for intensive use in horticulture
Can be connected directly to the heating network or via (open) buffer system


  • Seamless flame tubes, wall thickness 5mm with factory certificate and welded to the firebox tube plate
  • Low boiler load for long useful life
  • Facility for fitting combined gas/oil burner or switching over to other fuel later
  • Various tailor-made implementation options (free of charge) in order to match the boiler to the boiler house
  • Burner flange for burner of choice supplied free with the boiler
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • 10-year guarantee against manufacturing faults