Company culture

BLOCKDIAS has been a reference standard for the production and installation of heating boilers for 75 years. Every BLOCKDIAS boiler has been and will always be made with a single goal: providing affordable quality. BLOCKDIAS started as a family business and has grown into a limited liability company with an international character. Today there are BLOCKDIAS boilers in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany, as well as in Poland, Austria, Algeria, Estonia, Greece, Korea, Portugal, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ecuador, the Congo and Spain.


The area BLOCKDIAS covers has increased, but the personal link between the product and the customer remains unchanged. We consciously decided to keep the manufacture of our boilers in house (no delocalisation to countries with low labour costs). Only through strict controls and close monitoring of the production process can we continue to live up to our outstanding reputation. Our satisfied and continually-expanding customer base shows that this approach is appreciated.


The customer’s requirements and wishes are at the forefront at BLOCKDIAS. We are always ready to match our products to specific circumstances. We work with our customers to find the optimal solution for their actual situation. Developing new products doesn’t worry us at all. We keep in touch with the market in order to find out what is needed and are prepared to work along on new products. In short, BLOCKDIAS can do and does much more than you might expect at first glance.


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